Piano pedagogy courses, creative applications and music education philosophies

Jan has combined her expertise as a world-class researcher, teacher and pianist to provide customised courses and lessons to help meet your individual teaching needs and goals. She also creates courses for private music schools (all instruments) to be delivered in person. The courses are creatively conceptualised by Jan with the aim to upskill teachers and transform their teaching so they can develop and prepare students for high level outcomes in any public arena such as public performances, examinations (e.g. ABRSM, AMEB, Trinity College, Rockschool), high school and tertiary settings. Courses can also be tailored to suit individual needs and delivered as part of private performance lessons.  

Pedagogy Courses

Upskill with specialised courses to transform your teaching

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Commendable & Fresh Thinking

Sandra Oberoi, Harmony - The Music School, India/London

Full of fresh ideas for music teachers and piano performers, backed by research and over three decades of practical teaching experience, Jan is a storehouse of knowledge. Her desire to stay up-to-date with advances in the field of music education and piano performance, in order to deliver cutting edge teaching to her ever-growing audience, is commendable.

Inspired Teaching and Communication

Amanda, Player 1

I love the way you communicate clearly and slowly i.e. for non musicians. I'm learning music. The handouts are extremely helpful... imperative actually. Materials are Inspiring and different. Good new ideas to help with foundation groups... Great to try as a student. I'm sure we'll need you more in the future.