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Piano Pathways

  • Pedagogical Training

    Improve or start your teacher training with courses and preparation for diploma exams with public boards such as ABRSM and AMEB and others which can be personally tailored to suit your needs.

  • Performance Skills

    Improve your musical talent with our online or face to face performance development classes. Skills include posture, sound production, accompaniment and ensemble playing, musicality and more.

  • Professional Services

    Dr. Jan McMillan is available as an accompanist, performer, researcher, undergraduate & postgraduate supervisor or motivational speaker. She lectures and teaches worldwide and at her studio on many music related topics.

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Jan McMillan

Professional Pianist / Pedagogue


Child aged 12

Andrew Healy

I have learnt confidence in front of the public, whether it be speaking or performing a piece on the piano. I have also learnt how to read music and memorize things, and learning the french horn, these things were all made easier through my piano experiences.

Adult Student

Wendy-Anne Counsel

I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Jan. It is a privilege to study with her. Every lesson is extremely well-structured, challenging and stimulating. She seems to bring a tremendous sense of joy to her teaching. Each lesson is varied, humorous, highly professional, and more than anything enjoyable and satisfying.

Adult community Project Malaysia

Dr Norman Foord

Jan is an excellent pianist and a very human individual. As a teacher she has a great personality. Lessons can be both fun and instructive. She was able to explain, demonstrate and inspire me to pursue an interest in piano playing which has been dormant for many decades. Her hallmark is total dedication to her trade.

Creative Performance

Dr Pam Burnard

Jan, you are a great performing Artist who exudes performance creativity (UK, 2020)