Dr Jan McMillan is a highly qualified piano teacher, performer, pedagogue, music education advocate and music industry consultant with extensive expertise in creative pedagogies associated with music performance and education.

Music Moments, established in 1987, was born out of Jan's passion to create a comprehensive platform that allows users to utilise three distinct piano pathways: pedagogical training, performances, and professional services. Whether your goal is to become a piano teacher, a professional pianist or somewhere in between, Music Moments will create a bespoke solution for you.


As a teacher, "Dr Jan" was coordinator of piano studies at the Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, a specialist training university. She was awarded a high distinction for her teaching, research and community services there.

Jan has been a guest lecturer at the University of Western Australia, WA Academy of Performing Arts, and Notre Dame University. She has also worked with private associations, delivering courses in piano pedagogy performance, Orff Schulwerk, and Suzuki methodology.

Jan gained a Teaching and Learning scholarship from the University of Western Australia in 2006.  She was the inaugural (2004) recipient of the Humphrey Parker Davies Scholarship from ANCOS and investigated Orff Schulwerk and the Piano in Salzberg and Munich.


As a researcher, Jan began writing for WAOSA in the 1990s and has been an ongoing contributor and reviewer for Musicworks publications, ANZARME, and the Malaysian Music Education Journal. Her published research papers and articles demonstrate her knowledge of current music education and piano pedagogy practices, which has garnered worldwide attention and interest.  At the National Conference for Keyboard Pedagogy in Chicago (2011), Jan was one of only 9 international speakers selected from around the world. Jan has also presented at ISME, the World Piano Pedagogy Conference, The World Piano Teachers Conference, and the Nova Scotia Registered Music Teachers Association.