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    Body Alignment

    • Head, Neck and Spine

    • Pelvis and Sitting Bones

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    Posture and Balance

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    Teacher Assistance

    • Student Discomfort

    • Assisting and Correcting Students

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Dr Jan McMillan

Jan is a performer, pedagogy specialist and collaborative artist and has continued her passion for the industry and her students throughout her career in many countries and a variety of settings. She specialises in creative teaching for all ages and levels and has published a variety of papers and a book chapter. She supervises post-graduate students and continues to instigate novel approaches and research. She motivates her students and teacher trainees to their highest levels with a nurturing approach.

Social proof: testimonials

Young Teacher

Sarah an ex student of Jan

It’s very professional. I love it. Music teachers need more courses like this as there’s not much out there apart from an odd PD course every now and then. Your course is very structured and helpful.